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By Appt Only


All animals dropped off to Werner Family Taxidermy require proof of legality, including but not limited to: taxidermy stubs (required on all Nevada big game), hunting tag and/or license, game ranch receipt, etc.  Proof of legality is required at drop-off; animals without this information will be turned away.


A minimum 50% deposit is required at drop-off.  After hour drop offs will have 72hrs within to pay their deposit.  If not paid within 72 hrs of drop off your service will be cancelled and a cancellation fee may apply. After 60 days without a deposit, storage fees of $5.00/day will be applied; after 120 days without a deposit, your order will be cancelled and charged a cancellation fee of at least $50.00, along with storage fees and additional fees for any services already rendered.


Turnaround times are estimated and are subject to change, due to seasonal demands, third parties, and other factors.  Turnaround times cannot be guaranteed.  All mounts are completed in chronological order, based on when deposits were received; turnaround time does not start until complete deposit is received.  Please refer to the Status Updates page to see the list of mounts being completed; be sure to refer to the Estimated Completion section of your paperwork before submitting an online status check.

STORAGE FEES FOR DROP OFFS: (See completions for mount storage fees)

A storage fee of $5.00 per day will be applied to:

Any order that goes beyond 30 days will be charged a storage fee
Any finished mount that has been completed for over 30 days, we will make a final contact with a certified letter with instructions.


Poses must be decided within 30 days of drop-off.  After 30 days without this information, the pose will be considered “taxidermist choice”; if the animal is mounted as taxidermist choice and you want to make changes once complete, your order will be subject to remount charges.  Any changes made after the order is placed may or may not be honored, depending on the stage the mount is in at the time of change.


Completed orders must be picked up and paid in full within 30 days of first notification.  No work will be released from the studio until the balance is paid in full.  After 30 days, mounts will be charged a storage fee of $10/week; after 60 days, mounts will be considered abandoned and become property of Werner Family Taxidermy.   Abandoned mounts will be sold to recoup costs and all money paid will be forfeited to customer.


All cancelled orders are subject to: 1.) a cancellation fee of at least $50.00, 2.) additional fees for any services rendered and/or storage, and 3.) loss of deposit.


Werner Family Taxidermy, its owners and/or employees, will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage of specimen(s) or other items resulting from: flood, Acts of God, other circumstances beyond our control, or third parties.


Tanneries do not guarantee the results of any hide nor assume any responsibility for loss or damage, such as slippage, hair loss, holes, rot, etc.  Holes in tanned hides will not be sewn unless requested by the hunter/owner (additional fee required).


Checks returned for any reason will result in a $75.00 returned check fee.


Shipping charges are not included in the cost of the mount.  Mounts that are shipped are not guaranteed by Werner Family Taxidermy; damaged items must have a claim filed through the shipping company.  All shipped items will be professionally packed by the shipping company and insurance coverage will be purchased for the cost of our process; insurance coverage is determined by you the customer.  If you need to file a claim, photos of the packaging will be required; we suggest taking photos of the box when it arrives prior to opening it, making note of any damage to the outside of the box.  All packaging, including any wrap and packing material, must be kept if filing a claim, as it will be looked at by a claims adjuster.

As always, we thank you for your business!